Lifestyle, Food, Fashion, Humor, MakeUp, Photography … You will find all kinds of profiles on the website, to meet everyone’s needs! The profiles on the Application range from the foody profile at 10K, to the Lifestyle profile with several million followers.
The number of requests varies from institution to institution and from month to month. However, we do advise our client to reconsider their offer in case there are few requests from influencers. We do our best to allow brands to have at least 20 requests per month.
When you decide to reject an influencer request, you don’t need to provide a reason for your refusal. Influencers are used to being rejected by establishments, they do not take offense.
The deal for influencers is as follows: create a minimum of 3 stories by tagging the @restaurant. Food profiles usually add a post/reels. If a brand would like to change these conditions, we can discuss further depending on the offer and their needs.


We are constantly looking for bloggers and influencers who are passionate and trustworthy. It doesn’t matter if you have 10K or 1M, we encourage your motivation and passion to share content with your community.
You just show them your account on the website by telling them that you have a reservation through FLOO
Our requirement for every single event is to create a minimum of 3 stories and one positive google review unless mentioned otherwise, tagging us @joinfloo and the establishment instagram that welcomed you (mentionned in the description)
You can cancel up to 4 hours prior to the reservation date/hour so we can have time to inform the restaurant. If anything happens last minute, please inform the restaurant so we can get in touch with them and reschedule.
If an influencer doesn’t respect the conditions set by the establishment and/or by FLOO, he/she will be banned from the website and can’t collaborate with any other brand through FLOO.


The validation or refusal of a request is done directly on the website. In the category
“requests” you will find your new reservation requests still pending, and you can accept them if you like the profile.

You are committed according to the duration chosen when you register. At the end of your contract, the details of your establishment (s) are  hidden on the website, and therefore invisible to influencers who can no longer request a reservation. In case you would like to close your contract before the end of it, you will have to pay 40% of the sum of your remaining contract.

All you need to do is open your account on the website and see the pending requests. To make sure you don’t miss any requests, notifications are sent to you by email and on WhatsApp. 

If you are unable to log in, you can try to change your password by clicking “Forgot Password” when logging in. In case you need / want to change it, a “Change my password” tab

The influencer submits their statistics 24h after the event:
– The average global Reach, which corresponds to the total number of users that a publication can reach.
– The average overall impression, which corresponds to the total number of views of a publication.
We normally evaluate 10% of the reach as clients who would come to your restaurant.